Caerphilly County Borough Council : Tredomen Gateway Offices


Contract Value £3,193,748.03
Contractor Cowlin Construction Limited
Contract JCT 98 With Contractor’s Design
Date of Practical Completion 10th October 2005
Project Management Caerphilly CBC, Property Division-Building Consultancy
Project Officer Douglas Thomas
Key Consultants (External)
Architect Ceri Griffiths – Kennedy James Griffiths
Structural Engineering Paul Bradley – Bradley Associates
Landscape Design Ceri Griffiths – Kennedy James Griffiths
Key Consultants (Internal) Caerphilly CBC, Property Division-Building Consultancy
Architect Frank Webb
Quantity Surveyor Alan Dando
Mechanical Engineering Mel Hunt
Electrical Engineering Ken Arthur
Planning Supervision Frank Webb


fd946954e8The main objectives of the design brief were to construct a 2,025m2 Gateway Offices to provide high quality premises for potentially 14 No offices within a 3 storey building.

The building has been designed to allow maximum flexibility, which will allow the building to be let as one unit, or subdivided by floors or by individual offices.

The building was constructed to a high tech design, with equal access for all parts of society, using the most modern, environmentally friendly technologies and techniques, in line with the wider concept of a sustainable urban village.

Special Features

The building was designed to the following criteria:

• Achieve a BREEAM rating of “Excellent”.
• Individual Climate Control for each Office.
• Large areas of glazing to maximise natural light.
• Building management system.
• Auto collection of utility meter data.
• Ground Heat Source.

1ad19d6f83This scheme is seen as a cornerstone of Caerphilly County Borough Council’s “Strategy for Sustainable Development” and will be used as a benchmark to provide the environmental template for future developments.

Building of the Year Plaque Unveiling Ceremony