This specification has not been displayed as a complete document as it is considered preferable for only the relevant modules to be issued for any particular project, thus ensuring that specifications are issued by content rather than weight.

Module index sheet

00  General Conditions and Prelims for Maintenance

01  Alarm Monitoring

02  CCTV Servicing 

03  Class Change Systems Maintenance

04  Door Access & Time Monitoring Systems Maintenance

05  Electrical / Automatic Doors Maintenance

06  Intruder Alarm Maintenance

07  Nurse / Staff Call Systems Maintenance

08  Public Address Systems Maintenance

09  A/C & Comfort Cooling Systems Maintenance

10  Automatic Control Systems Maintenance

11  Boiler Servicing & Maintenance

12  Chimney Inspections Maintenance

13  Compressed Air System Maintenance

14  Gas Fired Appliances Maintenance

15 Gas Tightness Testing

16  Pressurisation Units

17  Radiant Gas Heating

18  Cabinet / Fan Convection Heaters

19  Cleaning / Servicing of Ductwork

20A Local Exhaust Ventilation Dust Extraction Maintenance

20B Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing

21  Fume Cupboards

22  General Ventilation Systems Maintenance

23  Kitchen Ventilation Canopy Cleaning

24  Storage Heaters Maintenance

25  Local Extract Ventilation – Vehicle Exhaust Systems Maintenance

26  C.H.P. Servicing

27  Emergency Generating Plant Maintenance

28  Service Generator Maintenance

29  Kitchen Deep Cleaning Maintenance

30  Kilns and Other Pottery Plant Maintenance

31  Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

32  Laundry Equipment Maintenance

33  Swimming Pool Plant & Associated Leisure Equipment

34  Workshop Machinery Testing

35  Drama and Stage Lighting Maintenance

36  Emergency Lighting M/S Maintenence

37  Lightning Protection Systems Maintenance

38  Local Lighting Controls Maintenance

39  Luminaire & Lamp Maintenance

40  Periodic Testing of Fixed Electrical Installations

41  Portable Appliance Testing

42  Fire Alarm Maintenance

43  Fire Extinguishing Systems (Gaseous) Maintenance

44  Fixed Fire Fighting Equipment Maintenance

45  Portable fire Fighting Equipment Maintenance

46  Fire Sprinkler Systems Maintenance

47A  Legionella Risk Assessment Maintenance

47B  Legionella Risk Assessment Maintenance

48  Thermostatic Mixing Valves

49  Water Saving Controls Maintenance

50  Water Treatment Plant Maintenance

51  Goods & Passenger Lift Maintenance Servicing

52  Patient Lifting & Handling Apparatus (incl ‘Arjo’ Baths, etc)

53  Stair Lifts

54  Sewage Plant Maintenance

55  Platform Lifts Maintenance

56  General Pipework Maintenance

57  Small Commercial & Domestic Systems Maintenance

58  Thorough Examination of Goods & Passenger Lifts