The CLAW Building of the Year Award is open to all CLAW Members to enter.  It is intended to:

  • Reward excellence

  • Raise the profile of CLAW within Authorities

  • Raise the profile of CLAW and its member Authorities in the wider professional property field

Each year sees member Authorities giving support and making high quality submissions which reflects the increasing awareness and status of the award both within CLAW and throughout Wales.

The building types have varied from Craft Units to visitors centres and from public conveniences to velodromes, reflecting the huge variety of projects CLAW members are involved in. The core of the entries are inevitably educational projects – both completely new schools and various types of extensions to existing establishments. The successful building is awarded a plaque for prominent display.

The rules allow Authorities to enter more than one scheme which have reached Practical Completion between July two years prior to the award year and June of the award year. A distinguished and independent panel of judges adjudicate and select the award winner each year.

Commendation Awards

In 2011 CLAW introduced a new category to its annual awards. In addition to the well established Building of the Year and Sustainability Awards a new Commendation Award was introduced to recognise the contribution made by in-house design teams. The CLAW Commendation Award is given to projects designed predominantly by in-house staff and open to all CLAW Authorities.