Newport City Council
Caerleon Cricket Pavilion
Contract Value £680,202.84
Date of Practical Completion 9th June 2003
Client Continuing Learning and Leisure, Newport City Council
Architect Davies Sutton Architecture
Quantity Surveyor Davis, Langdon & Everest
Mechanical Engineer McCAnn & Partners
Electrical Engineer McCAnn & Partners
Structural Engineer Veryards Ltd
Planning Supervisor Davis, Langdon & Everest


The new cricket pavilion replaced an existing one on Broadway in Caerleon.  The Roman Amphitheatre is just 75m away on the other side of Broadway and the area attracts many visitors.

The new building accommodates changing facilities for cricket and rugby, an exhibition area which can be used as a creche and public toilets for visitors to the historic area. The design of the building, whilst being practical and robust, is also sensitive to its surroundings.

The design is based upon a traditional cricket pavilion as it is thought that this iconic building type sits comfortably in a open rural/playing-fields setting. The design is nevertheless intended to produce a ‘building of its time’ and results in a blend of traditional and modern architecture.6d43717058

The building is orientated around the cricket and rugby pitches and therefore portrays two faces. A 3m high pennant stone boundary wall has been constructed along Broadway and the new building built up against it.