CLAW is committed to responsible energy management and  promotes good practice guidance in  energy efficiency amongst  its member  authorities.

CLAW aims to facilitate the growth of a “responsible energy management programme”.  The aim is to promote energy efficiency through efficient procurement processes, while reducing the negative by-products that energy consumption has on the environment.

CLAW  is developing its energy management agenda in response to the National Assembly for Wales’ Energy Review. In that review it was estimated that Welsh Local Authorities spend in excess of £40million per annum on energy. The report estimates that there is the potential to save 20% of this amount, or over £8million throughout Wales.

There is a similar position in the housing sector where potential savings for householders and tenants are nearer 30%. Reducing heating costs in housing by this amount would be a major contribution to eliminating fuel poverty in Wales.

The promotion of  responsible energy management  by CLAW is a major step towards improving energy efficiency and will benefit its member Councils, their tenants, private sector householders and the Environment.

This process  demonstrates the support of CLAW in achieving the UK Government target for the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.

Please see the Government, EU & Other Guidance section for more information.

How can I help save energy?

Although  government makes the “big” decisions regarding energy policy, it is staff employed in the public sector who can make a real change by implementing energy saving measures in the work place.

Please see the Energy Awareness section for more information.